Derek Minor – Winter Jam Anthem ft. Natalie Villa

I hope you are excited as I am about Winter Jam 2014. In honor of kicking off the first week of the tour, I’m releasing the official “Winter Jam Anthem” for FREE. Download and share with all your friends!

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  • Likesha Davis

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Derek Minor

      Thanks! Hope you like it!

      • Likesha Davis

        Yes, it’s awesome! Here’s to a blessed 2014 and Winter Jam Touring! Thanks again! :)

  • Israel Jacob Dzuris

    Awesome! Ill see you all tomorrow in Charlotte!

    • Derek Minor

      I look forward to it!!!!

  • Brendan Leonard


    • Derek Minor


      • Brendan Leonard

        So, when you do another album, are there going to be songs like this?
        I really liked the feel PSA Vol. 3 and Minorville had with the more serious tone, but I enjoy these too.

  • Jason Curtis

    Very cool! Thanks for this and I will be sharing this around.

    • Derek Minor

      Thanks Jason!

  • Stacey

    Thanks so much! We had a great time last night and hoping to catch it again!

    • Derek Minor

      I hope to see you again!!!!

  • Xavier Graves

    Bringing my youth group when you come to Chi-town! Anxiously waiting!

    • Derek Minor

      come hang out with me!

  • Ben Scroggins

    Can’t wait for y’ll in Tulsa!!

    • Derek Minor

      Can’t wait to see ya there!

      • Ben Scroggins

        For sure! It’s gonna be LIVE!!!

    • Derek Minor

      see you soon

      • Toilet Paper

        i wish i could go :(

  • Tim Gleason

    Can’t wait to see ya at UofI!

    • Derek Minor

      I will be there!

  • Nick Caserta

    Awesome! I am going to Winter Jam 1/18/14

    • Derek Minor

      see you soon

      • Nick Caserta

        See you there!!! Coming Early for the Pre-jam party!

  • Grace Anaple

    I love it!! can’t wait till next month!! i would love to meet you after the show!!

    • Derek Minor

      I always sign at the end of the night

      • Grace Anaple

        yay! my younger brother will be super excited too!!

  • Craig Snedeker


  • Joel Wallace

    Hope you guys are still pumped on the last stop show in Omaha! Know its a long tour but we are pumped to have you guys!

  • Amisai Bolio

    Awesome song! come back to Oregon.

  • Landon

    This that DANCE music!!!!!

  • Gman

    Will you be at Winter Jam in Bham, Al?

    • Derek Minor


  • Meredith Showers

    Perfect theme for Winter Jam! Getting pumped for the concert in a couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing!

  • sedge

    For a real winter jam, ya’ll should come to Bozeman Montana….

  • Dawny Beau

    Where can I find the Lyrics? Thanks Derek.

  • Jcoads

    Are you coming to the Des Moines show?

  • Tucker Wallace

    Derek Minor, my friend and I saw you at Impact. You, Lecrae, and KB KILLED IT! Can’t wait to see you guys again!

  • Tucker Wallace


  • Muratori01

    now you and reach record should come to switzerland ;) Would be nice to hear you here in Europe !

  • James Beatley

    See ya in Charlotte Derek Minor!

  • junior

    Sensacional, Derek Minor é o cara !!!!! #Brazil

  • Randall Beatley

    Will be there in Charlotte tomorrow!! Super Pumper

  • Russ Wallace

    Derek. I cant wait to see you tomorrow in Charlotte Bro!!!! The power of WinterJam is amazing

  • Jared

    see you in Charlotte!

  • Dev N Rob Avrigian-Jones

    Saw you at Mpact New Year’s Eve and am looking forward to seeing you back in Nashville for Winter Jam. Thank you for your sacrifice and commitment to The Lord and using your gift to praise him! Phenomenal!

  • Matthew Giordano

    Good song bro! See you in Reading. I love what your doing. Keep Praising him.

  • Imer Xavier

    I hear Gawvi. Hah, nice track you layed out here bro.

  • Brian Meyers Jr.

    Cant wait to see you in State College on the 17th, I got VIP tix and everything!

  • Samuel Baker

    Can’t wait to see you in the house of Paign on the 25′th!

  • lauren

    Can’t wait for Bossier City, Louisiana on March 7th.

  • † Chandler

    Too pumped for winter jam this year! Hoping to go to Chattanooga (not 100% sure) but I’m for sure going to be in Knoxville. Can’t want to see you and crae!

  • Olivia Ashcraft

    Thanks for the free song!! :)

  • Sabrina Sills

    see ya’ll tomorrow night!

  • Lydia

    Thanks for the song! Already downloaded :) can’t wait to see you in Ca$Ville in March!! It’s gonna be an amazing tour! :) ♥ blessings


    This will be my FIRST Winter Jam I will be attending…Coming to Kansas City at the end of January. SO Excited!!!! Awesome Anthem

  • That Guy

    Can’t wait to see y’all in Bossier City!!

  • Stephen Clarke

    Tampa is on Saturday!! Can’t wait to meet you!! Picture of course! #minorviallian

  • Felix Odofin


  • Whitney Bennington

    “Kilt it” in charlotte :) good job!

  • Alan Wade

    Does Crae stay after and sign too?? I’d love to get some stuff signed by you guys!!!

  • Ben Nichols

    Blew it up in Raleigh! Great job bruh!

  • Kenny Fowler

    This Thursday in Mobile! We’re ready to Jam!

    • Derek Minor

      See you there Kenny

  • KadoRestavek

    In other news, Frozen is a great movie… take the kids :)

  • ZP

    Hey Derek could you post up your first 4 mixtapes please? Id like to hear your old school stuff

  • Hannah Campbell

    Can’t wait for Houston!!!! Bringin my whole youth group

  • JP

    cant wait to see please do IGWT lol

  • Stepheon Powell

    I’ll see you in Fayetteville, man!!!! I’m bringing tons of friends!

  • Josh Barba

    i cant wait for you to come to Fort Wayne it’d be awesome to meet you!!!

  • Charity S.

    so excited, super pumped, KC baby!!!!!!

  • Greg See

    Can you jam out to Deaf in Jacksonville!?

  • Brittney Ivey

    this is so awesome! This has most definitely gotten me even more excited for Winter Jam!! Hurry up 2/13 lol

  • LeeLee W

    You were great! Enjoyed Greenville SC!

  • josh stuit

    How do I download free song

  • josh stuit

    How do u download song

  • Kristina Perkins Morgan

    Miracle 89.1 & Bossier City Can’t wait to Winter “Jam” w/ all of Y’ALL!!!!!