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The Case For Love

This blog is going to be uncomfortable. I will try with all my being to consider the feelings of everyone who reads it but I’m totally confident that what I’m…


Last year, I bought a house. It’s been one of the most rewarding investments I’ve ever made. Thinking about the memories we’ve already experienced here makes me more excited about…

Beating Serge Ibaka

I love basketball. In the NBA, the skill and athleticism of every player is mind boggling to me. Even the player at the bottom of the depth chart is a…

Good Morning, You’re Late

I had this crazy thought. I travel the world and have so many great experiences, I’d love to share them with my supporters. It hit me. Why don’t I just…

@thederekminor Live in concert @onthewritersblock

    Derek Minor Formerly (Pro) Live in Concert Hosted by: Shawn Flowers When: June 6th Time : 8pm Location: 8787 N. Houston Rosslyn Houston Tx. 77088 Vendors Email: thewritersblockshowcase@gmail.com

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